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Cloud Computing

More and more real-world applications are deployed on the cloud, by all types of organizations: startups, enterprises, NGOs, governments. Such organizations are definitely seeking engineers with skills and experience in cloud computing. Cloud may just be the obvious option for successful applications with artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science… Cloud20Q2 is a Labseries on modern cloud computing, with hands-on labs. There’s a lot of stuff on cloud computing out there! We strive to focus here on what matters most for innovative real-world applications, with curated contents, careful abstractions… Read more →

Software DevOps

Whatever the definition, DevOps ultimate goal is professional delivery and maintenance of modern real-world applications. Such objective entails software engineering skills and processes to configure, deploy, monitor… Engineers with skills and experience in DevOps can definitely contribute greatly; they are in high demand right now, especially by web-savvy brands. DevOps may be instrumental in sucessful applications with artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science … DevOps20Q2 is a wrap-up course with hands-on labs. Read more →

Data Science

Data science is a hot topic right now, both in academia and most industries. Skill shortage in data science was “out of charts”, according to a recent research publication. Data scientist was one of the best jobs for several years in a row, according to another research… DX20Q2 is a foundational Labseries on data science, including many hands-on labs, all accessible from your device browser. We strive to consider your precious time; so straight to essentials here! Read more →

Machine Learning Tech

Development and deployment of modern applications involving Machine Learning (ML) can be very rewarding but often challenging. Options may include components selection, customization, development, quality assurance… Whatever the situation, there are many moving parts for real-world problems. Advanced engineering to the rescue! That is the approach of MLT20Q2. Secrets no more, ML is a really hot topic right now. Together with big data, being more and more available, ML is powering artificial intelligence (AI) development, products and applications… Read more →