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About us

Leveraging key EdTech innovations, we focus on online education, primarily for professionals (professional development, online, live, on location). Actionable learning is our driving objective: digital courses with hands-on labs and projects, Labseries, Projectlabs, Microprograms

For your time optimization, we strive to streamline the learning process: curated content, hosted compute, fluid learning…

Our current fields include data science, machine learning, web applications, cloud computing, DevOps, artificial intelligence, business analytics… Excited about these innovative areas, we provide transformational services and materials, as well as required upskilling learning.

Our offers involve serious technical and / or business stuff; that’s no reason to be boring! Actually most customers did “enjoy stuff”, thanks to our approach, design, content…

We may also offer custom tech and consulting services in aspects related to our fields, within reasonable limits of dedicated resources, time span and problem specifications scope.

Just like educational offers, our consulting projects generally imply computing and validation / practice hands-on labs.

For tech and / or consulting aspects, please contact-us!

You can access our educational offers from your device web browser, with nothing to install, except for custom parts or complex cases in Projectlabs, Microprograms

Products and services benefit from our senior-management years of experience in higher education, EdTech, online education and remote working. For each educational product, we strive to apply gained best practices; we also ensure the lead instructor has higher education qualifications, typically PhD or Doctorate, and enough teaching experience.

We are passionate about what we do and we hope you will join us for some of your projects. For anything, please contact-us!