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XStack is a set of software packages that play nicely together as a compute base platform for tech and management applications. It is also the base computing stack we will be using or extending in our educational products (including the current one): data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, related applications… XStack20Q2 is a Labseries about the stack, including a great number of hands-on labs. As for content, you may think of XStack20Q2 as a review course-labs on general-purpose programming and getting-started applying the stack in tech and management… Read more →

Computational Stats

Many aspects in modern tech and business involve computational statistics. Thanks to advances in both compute resources and data availability, statistician was labeled “sexy job” or “the sexiest job” in the 21st century by eminent professionals… Stats20Q2 is a review and application Labseries on computational statistics, viewed as one of the pillars of data science and artificial intelligence, but also as a foundational topic in other fields in tech, engineering and management. Read more →

Deep Learning

Behind artificial intelligence (AI) current hype and real-world applications there are several things, among them a powerful engine: Deep Learning (DL)! Skills in this area are of high demand in both academia and business… One can think of DL as a more powerful machine learning with multiple layers. Successful applications involve training algorithms using real-world big data or big data generated by software applications… DL20Q2 is an introductory course on DL, as one of the most prominent pillars of current data science and AI: foundations, real-world applications, software… Read more →

Big Data

“Data deluge” was the front page headline in a top-notch publication. However, the bigger the available data the better is the accuracy of machine learning models, trained with that data… Data is the “oil” of current data science and artificial intelligence (AI). BigData20Q2 is a review and application course on Big Data, one of the pillars of AI applications and advanced machine learning. All content is accessible from your device web browser, with nothing to install. Read more →