Machine Learning Tech


Development and deployment of modern applications involving Machine Learning (ML) can be very rewarding but often challenging. Options may include components selection, customization, development, quality assurance… Whatever the situation, there are many moving parts for real-world problems. Advanced engineering to the rescue! That is the approach of MLT20Q4.

Secrets no more, ML is a really hot topic right now. Together with big data, being more and more available, ML is powering artificial intelligence (AI) development, products and applications…

Basically ML involves training algorithms using data; the resulting models can then be used in business processes for various tasks…

Algorithms, software components, end-to-end deployment process, security, monitoring… are among the aspects we deal with in MLT20Q4.

We offer guidelines or full development, depending on the challenge at hand and possible resource providers. Generic methods and portable techniques shine here!

Please note that, striving to streamline your learning process, we present other related aspects in separate Labs.

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