XStack is a set of software packages that play nicely together as a compute base platform for tech and management applications.

It is also the base computing stack we will be using or extending in our educational products (including the current one): data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, related applications…

XStack20Q4 is a Lab about the stack, including a great number of hands-on practice sections.

As for content, you may think of XStack20Q4 as a review lab on general-purpose programming and getting-started applying the stack in tech and management…

We strive to respect your precious time; so straight to essentials! The stack is accessible from your device web browser; there’s nothing you need to install.

In XStack20Q4 stack and extensions, our software selection was deliberately opinionated, hopefully benefiting from years of experience from our side. We are guided by performance objectives such as time to learn and use, but also by decisive aspects like real-world applicability beyond our labs and programs.

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For more (calendar, syllabus, setup…), XStack20Q4!