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Unlike companion labs for a digital course, our Labseries are standalone educational products.

A Labseries is a set of materials that prominently embed labs. Fostering active learning is the primary focus here. The content is dynamic and not for passive readers…

Do not expect much of lecture-like materials or sophisticated videos here!

Accessible from your device browser, with nothing to install, our Labseries provide you access to computing resources. We host such resources for you, and they might include a full-fledged computing stack.

For each Labseries, we provide a companion discussion forum where you can ask questions; our course team members and your fellow learners may post hints, answers, comments…

Our offers involve serious technical or business materials; but we design for good learning and some fun as well! Actually many learners “did enjoy stuff”…

Please explore our Labseries:

Computing Stack

Computational statistics

Data Science

Machine Learning Science

Web Applications

Cloud Computing