Privacy Policy

We really strive to respect your privacy and we actively care about the confidentiality and security of your data.

You provide data when registering on our site, like username and email address. In addition to such data from your profile, we might also collect usage information about your visits to our site, using cookies or other tracking methods.

Data and information we collect would be used only in sound activities such as security and improving our products and services.

When you make a purchase online, we do not collect data related to your financial accounts, as all payment requests are redirected to third-party reputable payment processors.

You can manage you data on our site (profile, dashboard…).

It is also possible to remove your account and data; however there might be exceptions like system logs, lab archives, your contributions in lab discussion forums…

If you have concerns about removing you account and data, please contact us.

We may retain transactions data as long as needed by our obligations: legal disputes, financial reporting, audit, compliance purposes…

Like many modern companies, big and small, we work with third party providers of infrastructure as service to store and process data, including personal information. We actively strive to protect all our data, at rest or in transit on networks. However, just like most companies, we can not guarantee 100% security; we might still be targeted by sophisticated hacker attacks…

Also, please note that data might be stored in a country different from yours, with different laws and regulations.

We may update this privacy policy anytime; please consider the content effective as soon as as it is published on our site.

For anything, you might just email us.

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